“Pain was to them a solvent, a cathartic, almost a decoration, to be fairly worn while they survived it. Fear, the strongest motive in slothful man, broke down with us, since love for a cause — or for a person — was aroused.” — T.E. Lawrence, Seven Pillars of Wisdom

Nine-tenths of tactics were certain enough to be teachable in schools; but the irrational tenth was like the kingfisher flashing across the pond, and in it lay the test of generals.

— T.E. Lawrence, Seven Pillars of Wisdom

March 6th, 1917

Diary of Major T.E. Lawrence

We received intelligence that…

“I liked the things underneath me and took my pleasures downward. There seemed a certainty in degradation, a final safety. Man could rise to any height, but there was an animal level beneath which he could not fall. It was a satisfaction on which to rest.”

— T.E. Lawrence, Seven…

Diary of Lieutenant Horace S. Browntrout

Stanley and I experienced our first desert combat today — and our first using the new guerilla tactics that Captain Lawrence has shown us. This style of warfare is completely different from the full-frontal assaults made by thousands of men in the trenches on…

February 16th, 1917

Diary of Captain T.E. Lawrence

Today I held an impromptu class entitled Our Friend Gelignite. I wanted to explain to Browntrout and Stanley how to lay railway charges in the simplest possible language — using pictograms if possible. I told them that gelignite was like a very…

February 15th, 1917

Letter from Captain Branwell Browntrout to Lieutenant Horace S. Browntrout

Dear Father,

As you know I was transferred off the line and given charge of training the entire British Expeditionary Saysquack Corps. Of everyone, you of all people will know how hard it has been to train…

February 11th, 1917

Diary of Captain T.E. Lawrence

I got into a major row with my subordinate. The men are fearful of Stanley the Saysquack; we cannot have a loose ape-man running amok through camp, so I ordered Browntrout to keep him on collar and leash at all times. Browntrout…

February 8th, 1917

Report from Captain T.E. Lawrence to Lt. Col Newcombe

You and Major Hornby are demolitions experts now that you have acquired so much more experience than we have, along the Hejaz Railway. Auda of the Howeitat and others are of the opinion that you would be as…

Dash Fire Diaries

Envisioning a past that never was for the future of now. Step through a surreal portal where objective truth, imagined history and satirical fiction coexist.

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